30 septembre 2023

7 réflexions sur « Il n’y a pas que la pizza ;-) »

  1. Je pense que nous avons tous un keynote lundi. Mon épouse regardera Boston Legal (série de David E. Kelley) sur 13ème rue et je suivrai le k-note ainsi que le match de foot à partir de mon ordinateur.

  2. Some of it comes off like V–I recently watched V again, and it’s surprising how well the story holds up. I mean, Independence Day really didn’t have to change too much when they stole, er…borrowed from it.But in some ways it makes me feel strange to root for the guys who are doing what the terrorists in real life are doing. I’m sure it’s what Moore’s going for, but still…

  3. / Dragon age origins, assassins creed series, arma II, COD modern warfare 2, kane and lynch, and transformers to name a few. If you get ARMA 2, don’t make the huge idiotic mistake that i did, get the combined operations, not just one or the other.

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