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We were working with stéphane Denis on the final version of Virtus Virus... the idea of OpenObjects was to deliver a new sucessful demo fo Beos driving new hardware and to use a vr glove to draw in stereoscopic 3D. Some Demos has been developped to find a business project to do : it was for virtus virus. The domain name was lost in 97 by error.

Think this game as the most Interactive Experience in 3D or a end of the myth of a voyage in a human body.

We are now concentrated in creating other "parts" of the game as for example a simulation of an electron into a range of Microchips.

We are working withe the Virtual I-O Glasses. It's a (affordable) stereoscopic helmet display [Real 3D with double liquid crystal screens and stereo earphones] with a 360° head tracker motion detector. It's standard PC serial and VGA Connection (!! what a luck, no specific ports...). So It was easy to connect to a Bebox and a PC (portable and desktop tower) and to have it run smoothly on a pentium 100 mhz... !! The 3d engine of Stephane Denis was able to run on every PC with good speed and several objects rendred in real time.

If you want more informations about this product just e-mail -me or visit Virtual IO Website to check the developper documentation. Virtus Virus is coded by the "No Gravity" (then Space Girl) team for Dos/3dfx and BeOs.

  • This has been demoed at BeDC 1997 and Adamation
  • This has been demoed and installed at the Futuroscope in 1997
  • The program has been demoed at "L'échangeur" in 1998 with the help of Christian Marchandise and Georges-Edouard Beranger.
  • Professional relations have been established between us and the importer of Virtual IO Glasses (Thetascan)
  • An article has been written on it into Libération in 1998.
  • A sequel has been developped using the 3DFX glide card and library

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