(http://www.dynavu.com) is the most impressive and innovative 3D interface I've ever seen. Of course it's running on BeOs. It browses your files, your html, the Internet (www and ftp), MPEG and AIFF Files, Gif, Jpeg, etc.. It's amazing. It's a new way of seeing the desktop.

Exponential demonstrated the first 400 Mhz PowerPC chip.

Motorola also demonstrated MacOs, BeOs and... Windows NT 4 for PowerPC.

Be Developper Convention

BeOs for PowerMac is freely distributed. OpenGL and the Java Virtual Machine are demonstrated for the first time to the BeOs Developpers

 On the Daystar booth. Be was demonstrating BeOs on Dual 604 Genesis MP. Daystar is the maker of the Symetric MP hardwarte daughter card available for the PowerMac


 BeatBox [French developpers] heated the MacWorld Show with some french Rap and Groove music. BeatBox showed the BeatBox Application, the use of the database, their own Sampler and "loop" maker and their VR routines.


 Virtual Mac from the two Freds [fredlabs : http://www.fredlabs.com ] was demonstrated at PowerComputing booth by Marc Gonzales and at the Be Booth.

French Developpers Lorienne Team (right) and French editorialist Bernard Ledu from Univers Mac on the Be Booth looking at the demo of Lois, Web browser from Mipsys. Marc Verstaen from Lorienne [http://www.lorienne.com] is making some buzz arround his tools Reaggae. Just after the first day and one article in MacWeek, every one was coming and asking to see Reaggae or AppSketcher. Purity Software [http://www.purity.com] are very cool developpers. They showed us and during the week Charlotte their web server. Believe me it really works and it's fast and easy to manage like Webstar.
haved fun in san francisco... Hello Archaos. After following you all around Europe, I really hope to see your software on BeOs now that you have a Bebox... a view of San Francisco bay